What is the AVOID Frailty for Healthy Aging Program?

  • Any adult at least 65 years old is at risk for becoming frail, but it’s not an inevitable part of aging.
  • This program uses evidence-based interventions to promote healthy aging.
  • You will begin with a Healthy Aging Assessment to find out your frailty status.
  • You will receive beneficial recommendations to help you AVOID Frailty and take control of your health.
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After Completing a Healthy Aging Assessment, Members will Receive:

  • A Personalized Report with Recommendations
  • Enhanced Behavioural Support
  • Ongoing Health Monitoring
  • Opportunities for In-Person Assessments
  • Access to Peer Coaching

Who will this benefit most?

  •  I am 60+
  •  I live in Kingston, Frontenac,  Lennox & Addington
  •  I am looking for ways to stay  healthy as I age
  •  I want to remain independent, living at home
  •  Care partners or providers supporting older adults

Additional AVOID Frailty Features:

  • A library of KFL&A community programs
  • Educational Resources
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Technology Training
  • Ask an Expert
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The Canadian Frailty Network (CFN) is a not-for-profit pan-Canadian network founded in 2012 and funded by the federal government through the Networks of Centres of Excellence. We work to improve the health of older adults, especially those living with frailty. Frailty is a condition of reduced function and health – those living with frailty are more susceptible to large declines in health from minor illnesses such as the flu or falls. Through this program, we hope to empower you to AVOID frailty.

The AVOID Frailty Program is part of the Canadian Frailty Network, a not-for-profit organization who receives funding from the federal government through the Networks of Centres of Excellence. We are held to rigorous research and ethics standards. Your privacy and our integrity are important to us.