Welcome to AVOID Frailty: Program For Healthy Aging

From AVOID Frailty: Program for Healthy Aging (Northern Alberta Region)

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Welcome to AVOID Frailty: Program For Healthy Aging

Welcome! Enter your username and password in the left side bar to access your personalized recommendations based on the results of your healthy aging assessment. Explore any of the other program components that will help you AVOID Frailty and take control of your health.

Inside you will find:

  • Community Program Library – find programs and resources within KFL&A
  • Peer Coaching – sign up to become a coach, or to receive support in managing your health
  • Community Connectors – sign up to learn how to share resources throughout your community
  • Cyber-Seniors – access 1-on-1 technology help, as well as hundreds of recorded and live webinars
  • Education – find modules and resources on AVOID
  • Personalized Dashboard – follow the recommendations found in your dashboard and create your own pathway based on what you want to do today
  • Ask an Expert – A Series of KFL&A Community events to support a healthy lifestyle
  • Otago Exercise Program – a free, in-person falls prevention exercise program

To logout, click the arrow in the upper right corner of the page, any time.
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